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Recruitment process outsourcing

Working for larger bluechip businesses, we enjoyed the skill and experience of leading in-house recruitment teams. They took time to design bespoke recruitment processes, test candidates and set workplace simulations.

They wrote and placed the advertising, conducted outreach to off-market prospects, screened responses, helped with interviews, and sorted all the logistics. Help was at hand to negotiate offers, organise start dates and design induction programmes; once complete, they handed off to their organisational development colleagues to set out development programmes.

Working with SME business leaders, we found that agents deliver the majority of recruitment support. Many fall a long way short of expectations – none offered a service remotely akin to the in-house recruitment and development teams we had experienced.

Crawford's recruitment process outsourcing service delivers the benefits of in-house recruitment and development teams to SME businesses. We will help you:

Prepare - Define the role, its main objectives, tasks and the specification of the person who will be most suited and likely to succeed in your business.

Attract - We will design and place the advertising. Conduct outreach to off-market candidates; while acting as powerful advocates for your business.

Select - Run tailored selection processes designed for your business and matched to your team.

Retain - Help to get the package right at the start. Be involved with objective setting and the measures that will track success. Develop executives careers as they gain experience and progress.


We offer flexible pricing strategies to get the right person for you. Typically, our rates are as follows:

Per role, from


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Crawford's approach was akin to having our very own bluechip in-house team, we enjoyed the process and are delighted with the result.

Daniel Bond

Managing Director

DB Automotive