Supercharge your results with Crawford

We help SME business owners who are looking for fresh insight and new impetus to:

  • Create winning strategy
  • Implement improvement projects and the overall plan; while
  • Coaching and mentoring the top team; we also
  • Look for opportunities to roll our sleeves up and get stuff done; to
  • Get even better results, faster.

We blend the skills and approach of consultants, coaches and non-executives. Our clients tell us they put great value in sharing their business journey with a trusted peer. They also tell us, a little to our surprise, that having a trusted advisor who will tell them what they don’t want to hear, while sometimes uncomfortable, is often the most crucial and impactful of business conversations.

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Having an external view has been incredibly useful. Crawford is able to blend high-level thinking with practical advice and immediate support.

James Till


Allett Mowers

The Crawford success recipe

Our engagements are all subtly different; we join companies at many different stages of their evolution and work with owners with very different ambitions; but, the core recipe is broadly the same:

  • Establish a guiding strategy
  • Ensure strategy informs decision making
  • Produce insightful reporting and critical measures
  • Chair meetings to help facilitate discussion and effective decision making
  • Select the approaches and projects that will offer the best return for resources deployed – be that investment of time or capital
  • Help to implement changes and motivate the team
  • Support the development of key people Deliver projects – adding extra horsepower
  • Act as a sounding board, share the journey and be the person who tells you, when needed, what you don’t want to hear
  • Bring energy, insight and impetus

Are we strategists, consultants, coaches or non-executives? ​​Does the label matter? Not to us it’s only the results that count.

Crawford helps business owners create more profitable and valuable companies. Manage today and shape tomorrow with Crawford.

Our clients and Investments

Located centrally we serve clients nationwide. Search the map and click the icons to learn more about our clients and investments.

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Our values


Generous with our time and resources, if we can help we do.


Keep going, keep trying, get up quickly when we get knocked down, smile.


Speak up, speak out, stretch our minds and bodies, inspire others to do the same.


Prize curiosity, read, watch, learn but most of all ask, delight in the experience and knowledge of others.


Be daring, take risks, set audacious goals, travel to unusual places.