Celebrating success with Wrekin Sheetmetal.

Archi Stewart delivering our non-executive for SMEs service.

Wrekin Sheetmetal

Archi Stewart delivers our non-executive director for SMEs service with retained clients Wrekin Sheetmetal. Celebrating last year’s successes and planning for more in 2023. Strategy and execution in full force.

Crawford helps clients manage today and shape tomorrow through a potent mix of coaching, consultancy and non-executive advice.

Here Managing Director Archi Stewart is chairing Wrekin Sheetmetal’s board meeting. Working with a non-executive can bring many benefits:

  • Help to fast-track growth.
  • Insight, impetus and challenge.
  • Improved governance and experts to help with strategy.
  • Financial expertise to help you raise development capital, sell or float your business.
  • Risk management skills to help you stay in business and avoid costly or even fatal mistakes.
  • Sound judgement and people skills, adding value to your senior recruitment strategy.
  • Strong relationships with professional advisers, matching relevant skills to your particular business needs

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At Wrekin’s meeting, we celebrated record sales results for 2022 while predicting further growth for 2023. Also, we welcomed Peter O’Neale as Head of Sales, who will be in charge of delivering the anticipated growth, and further developing and growing the sales team, all while maintaining the already excellent levels of customer care.

The discussion wasn’t just about sales; John Kennedy presented On-Time In-Full results of better than 92% and fantastic quality figures.

The main strategic discussions will remain under wraps, for now, a secret manufacturing project, all inspiring.

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