Case Study

Wrekin Sheetmetal

Trusted by the industry as the Sheetmetal company who deliver with personality; Wrekin makes sheet metal easy.

Wrekin Sheetmetal owners Claire and Simon have a vision for an inclusive, modern, service-led, sheet metal business.

Operating from a prominent site, just off the M54, they serve a loyal local and national customer base, with sub-contract sheetmetal services.

Crawford help us improve our business now and plan for the future.

Wrekin Sheetmetal


Crawford is retained by Claire and Simon to create and implement a growth strategy.

At the heart of that strategy is the businesses Brand Promise:

“Trusted by the industry as the Sheetmetal company who deliver with personality; Wrekin makes sheet metal easy.”

Claire and Simon, have always sought to be the standard-bearers in communication and customer service, whilst running a business with personality, blending hard-work with humour and fun.

Recognising that British Metal Manufacturers need a strong sub-contract supply base, to compete with the overseas competition and deliver high-quality British Manufactured parts and products Wrekin Sheetmetal work to make every step from Prototype and Design to the Delivery of the finished parts as easy and transparent as possible.


A close working partnership has developed, between Crawford and Wrekin Sheetmetal. Crawford delivers the full-range of their potent mix of consultancy, coaching and non-executive advice.

This includes chairing the monthly management meetings, running strategy meetings, help in delivering the projects that will realise the strategy, coaching and mentoring to senior leaders and the owners, and help with the recruitment for senior roles.

Services delivered:

– Consultancy
– Non-executive advice
– Coaching and mentoring
– Strategy facilitation
– Recruitment process outsourcing

Examples of work carried out:

– Strategy workshops
– KPI design
– Report templates
– Recruitment
– Coaching and mentoring
– Meeting facilitation
– Process engineering

​​Turnover grew in the first year by 13% and in the latest year by 42%.

​​Our most recent work with Claire and Simon is the development of the sales strategy to capitalise on an investment of more than £1m in machinery.

From the client:

We had previously conducted a strategic review with external consultants, an exercise designed to help us focus and prioritise on strategic projects as well as day-to-day operations. We judged that exercise to have been successful, however, had let an amount of time pass between completing the projects we identified and agreeing to the next set.

We decided as an external view and facilitation had been successful in the past, we would consider using a firm of consultants again. Archi was recommended to us by a larger business that we knew to be experiencing strong growth.

Where the original consultants we used were quite theoretical and our sessions were purely classroom-based, Crawford and Archi, have been much more hands-on, helping us with both day-to-day operations and strategy. We have seen good growth in turnover, and are working in new areas to gain the full benefit in profit from the upturn in sales.

I know Archi uses a strap-line for Crawford Strategic of ‘Manage today and shape tomorrow’, this describes very well well what he and Crawford deliver for us.